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Top Sites for a Daily Fix of Campaign Politic
Blogs, Ezines, and online version of political newspapers and magazines

  1. T. Goddard's Political Wire horse race coverage
  2. Daily Kos first place many lefties head
  3. Talking Points Memo blogger journalism
  4. New York Mag's Daily Intelligencer
  5. Kevin Drum from Mother Jones
  6. Washington Monthly's Political Animal
  7. Maddowblog [Steve Benen, mostly]
  8. Salon: Politics
  9. Huffington Post: Politics
  10. Slate: News and Politics
  11. Real Clear Politics with a spectrum of links
  12. Vox: News and Policy and Politics
  13. Politico – once called a Republican shill
  14. The Week online it is daily
  15. Tom Toles – best editoral cartoonist today

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More Political Blogs and Resources

Liberal and Progressive
Rightwing and Libertarian:

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