Vote!Vote! The ICYouSee Guide to Campaigns and Elections

A spare listing of sites covering news and viewpoints. Below the fold: Polls | Roll Call Votes |Media Watchdogs & Voter Guides

Top Sites for a Daily Fix of Campaign Politic
Blogs, Ezines, and online version of political newspapers and magazines

  1. Political Wire blog & news aggregate
  2. CNN: News and Politics
  3. The Atlantic: Politics [I subscribe]
  4. Politico by politicos for politicos
  5. Vox  explains the news, since 2014
  6. Axios founded by Politico renegades
  7. The Guardian British perspective
  8. ABCNews for tuning in via computer
  9. Electoral Vote Predictor not just for votes
  10. Daily Kos leftie group blog and forum
  11. Maddowblog show segments, plus Steve Benen
  12. HuffPost where politics meets pop culture
  13. Mother Jones independent investigative news
  14. Washington Monthly's Political Animal

Daily News and Views

Selective or under a quota without subscription Free News

Free POV

Polls and House/US Congress


US Congress

Media Watchdogs

New York State Voter Guides

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