Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. -- Lorraine Hansberry

T is for Thinking: the ICYouSee Guide To Critical Thinking

The Sixties:
a Web Site Evaluation Assignment

The world is always in a state of emergence, never static. It has been created and destroyed and created and destroyed and created again.

Part One

Consider the topic of the Sixties. Take a brief look at all of the following five sites to get a sense of which ones are reliable sources of information.

  1. Sixties Project
  2. The 1960s
  3. The Sixties
  4. The Psychedelic 60's
  5. Flower Power: An America 1960s Movement

Part Two

Once you have looked at all the sites, select two of them to evaluate more thoroughly. Think about the criteria and questions that have been discussed. You may use this evaluation checklist to help you complete the assignment.

Note to Instructors: I gladly grant permission for you to use or adapt this assignment. Please let me know that you have used it or are planning on using it.

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Last modified: January 14, 2014