Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. -- Lorraine Hansberry

T is for Thinking: the ICYouSee Guide To Critical Thinking

Sometimes a pop quiz is the best review.

Compare these two statistical sites related to women and AIDS.
Look at the details of the sites as you consider the sources.

Is statistical information on women and AIDS found on either site trustworthy?
Is there documentation that is credible?
Does either give you a reason to doubt the information provided?
Which the two do you think is the more reliable resource?

Exhibit One
Exhibit Two

After you've made your decision, try searching Google for: and see what sites show up. Does it make you wonder which of those listed might also include misleading "facts"? NOTE: Only a few years ago "Exhibit Two" was the top listed site on Google.

Oh, and there may be one more assignment.

ICYouSee T is for Thinking
John R. Henderson
Last modified: April 7, 2021