Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. -- Lorraine Hansberry

T is for Thinking: the ICYouSee Guide To Critical Thinking

Who is the author of this Web tutorial?

What gives him his expertise? By what authority does he write?

John R. Henderson has been a reference librarian at the Ithaca College Library since 1981. He received his master's degree in library science from the University of Pittsburgh and has previously worked in libraries at Bluefield State College in West Virginia and Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at Pitt. Mr. Henderson first began working on ICYouSee just before Thanksgiving break in 1994 to prepare a Mosaic workshop series. 

The author of this guide has been a conference speaker and panelist addressing Internet training and critical thinking. His audiences have included college professors, college students, graduate students, elementary school teachers, academic librarians, and law librarians. Mr. Henderson served for more than two decades as the coordinator of the Ithaca College Library credit instruction program. SaysYou, public radio's game of "words and whimsey, bluff and bluster," has frequently aired Henderson's contributions of questions. 

John Henderson and ICYouSee have won a few awards and recognitions, including the Miss Rumphius Award, presented by the International Reading Association's RTEACHER listserv. The award honors teachers and other educators "who make our world a more beautiful place, like the title character in the book Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney."

The site has been featured in AAAS Science NetLink as well as numerous other educational and computer literacy groups. The site has been featured and favorably reviewed in Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Maclean's Magazine. ICYouSee has been cited and content from the ICYouSee website has been reproduced in numerous books, including The Librarian's Internet Survival Guide by Irene E. McDermott, The Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment edited by David Levinson, The Handbook of Research on New Literacies edited by Julie Coiro and others, and Web of Deception: Misinformation on the Internet edited by Anne P. Mintz.

The author has compiled additional websites concerning as diverse topics as chicken breeds, demographics of the Titanic, apples, and a Pennsylvania regiment from the Civil War. In reviewing a different website than this one, one reviewer lauded Mr. Henderson's "impressive and well organized collection of links, categorized with a librarian's sensibility."

ICYouSee T is for Thinking
John R. Henderson
Last modified: January 14, 2018