Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. -- Lorraine Hansberry

T is for Thinking: the ICYouSee Guide To Critical Thinking

The pop quiz was pretty easy,
so here's an assignment that is a little tougher.

Choose one of the five categories to examine some sites related to the same topic to get a sense of the challenge of finding reliable sources of information on the Web.

Mayan Calendar

Reliving the Sixties

Eggs & Cholesterol

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hydraulic Fracturing

The Mayan Calendar assignment may be challenging since the world didn't end on December 21, 2012.

The Sixties assignment may be challenging since anyone over 60 can claim to be an expert.

The Cholesterol assignment may be challenging since
"health expert" is not a very precise term.

The MLK assignment may be challenging since Dr. King was such a controversial figure.

The Fracking assignment may be challenging since there seem to be more flashpoints than common ground in  this debate.

Note to students: Unless otherwise instructed, to complete this assignment, please use this evaluation checklist.

Note to Instructors: I gladly grant permission for others to use or adapt this assignment.
I only request that you let me know that you are doing it.

ICYouSee T is for Thinking
John R. Henderson
Last modified: November 17, 2015