62d Pennsylvania Volunteers

Alphabetical Listing of All Volunteers,
with links to their Companies

62d  Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg

Alphabetical List 

On nine pages are the names of all the volunteers in alphabetically order with links to the company page on which each volunteer will be found. FS indicates the soldier was one of the Field and Staff Officers. The spelling of the names on this list is based on Bates' History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, and may not match the corrected names on the company pages.

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Inman William [K]
Irvin Thomas [E]
Irwin John A. [H]
Irwin John A. [A]
Irwin Reuben M. [H]
Irwin Thomas F. [B]
Israel John [B]

Jacks David H. [K]
James John [C]
Jamison Cyrus L. [G]
Jellison Robert [E]
Jenkins Andrew [C]
Johnson Hiram [G]
Johnson William [D]
Johnston Ephraim B. [I]
Johnston William H. [C]
Johnston Hugh [M]
Johnston John [K]
Johnston Richard [D]
Johnston Thomas [B]
Johnston Thomas [D]
Jones Amos [H]
Jones John [H]
Jones Thomas [E]
Jones Charles F. [A]
Jones J. N. [F]
Jones James [M]
Jones Orlando M. [L]

Jones Owen [B]
Jones Richard [B]
Jones Thomas C. [K]

Jones Thomas D [B]
Jones William [G]
Jordan James B. [I]
Jordan Joseph [F]
Jordan Sylvester [M]

Kaler Peter [D]
Karch Jacob [L]
Karns John [C]
Kauffman James [G]
Kay Arthur [F]
Kaylor John [I]
Keefer David [F]
Keefer Ludwick [B]
Keefer William [K]
Keenan Thomas [L]
Keeps Somerville [K]
Keller John M. [C]
Kelley Hughes [I]
Kelley William H. [I]
Kelly Alonzo [G]
Kelly Charles [F]
Kelly John [F]
Kelly Morris [L]
Kelly William T. [F]
Kemps Charles H. [K]
Kenly Edward B. [A]
Kennedy O. McKee [B]
Kennedy Samuel B [FS]
Kennedy Samuel B. [G]
Kennedy William [G]

Kerchner William [L]
Kerr Antone [B]
Kerr David W (or K.). [I]
Kerr James [FS]
Kerr Samuel L. [E]
Kerr Thomas [E]
Kerrer Francis [L]
Killmer George [L]
Kimm Melcher [L]
King Alvin S. [K]
King Christian [F]
King Jacob [F]
Kirby Elnathan [L]
Kirkner George [K]
Kisskaddon Thomas [C]
Klingensmith Hiram [D]
Knarr Samuel [B]
Knaur [Knorr] Philip [F]
Knittle Martin [L]
Knotts William W. [B]
Knox Joshua [C]
Konkle John [C]
Kratzer Reuben [E]
Krehan Ernest G. [FS]
Kress George G. [M]
Kribbs George [C]
Kuhn Charles G. [D]
Kuhn Thomas M. [D]
Kuhnsey John [K]
Kunkle Adam [B]
Kunkle John [F]


Lancaster James H. [E]
Landon Joel [M]
Lane George [M]
Laner Francis A [B]
Larimer William B. [C]
Larkin Charles [B]
Laubrick Christopher F. [I]
Laverty John [A]
Lawson Neal [E]
Leasure John [F]
Leech George [I]
Leer John [M]
Lefease David W. [G]
Lehman T. Frederick [FS]
Lemmon Sterley J. [K]
Lemmon William M. [K]
Leonard Nathaniel [M]
Lephart William [F]
Lepler Henry [A]
Levake G W. T. [B]
Levake Henry A. [L]
Levan Elias [C]
Levan Lorenz [C]
Lewis James [C]
Lewis John [C]
Lewis Thomas [B]
Lewis William H. [F]
Leyda Abram [H]
Lindeberger Eli [K]
Lindsay Joseph [A]
Lindsay William [M]
Linhart Joseph F. [H]

Lithead J. H. [L]
Little David [F]
Little Edwin H. [I]
Little James [B]
Little Samuel M. [F]
Little William B. [F]
Llewellyn A. G. [C]
Llewellyn George [H]
Lobaugh Samuel W. [E]
Lobough David R. [C]
Loeffler Gottlieb [A]
Long John [M]
Long John [L]
Long John [D]
Long Robert M. [H]
Longdon William [H]
Lookabaugh Jacob [E]
Lorenz Jacob [H]
Loudman Richard [H]
Loux Andrew [C]
Love John H. [I]
Low James [C]
Lowry Robert A. [C]
Lowry William G. [FS]
Lowry Francis M. [D]
Lozelle Moses [K]
Lutz George [L]
Lyman Francis [I]
Lynch Milton [H]
Lynch Thomas H. [H]
Lynch William A. [F]
Lyon David R. [H]


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