62d Pennsylvania Volunteers

Alphabetical Listing of All Volunteers,
with links to their Companies

62d  Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg

Alphabetical List 

On nine pages are the names of all the volunteers in alphabetically order with links to the company page on which each volunteer will be found. FS indicates the soldier was one of the Field and Staff Officers. Un indicates Unassigned Soldiers, and are only used when no company has been found for the volunteer. The spelling of the names on this list is based on Bates' History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, and may not match the corrected names on the company pages.

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Neel Washington C. [H]
Neely Thomas B. [A]
Neil Thomas [F]
Nelson Thomas [H]
Nelson William [K]
Nesbit John N. [K]
Newell William M. [E]
Nicklow John [E]
Nicodemus Samuel [M]
Noble Arthur [B]
Noble John R. T. [F]
Nolan William [M]
Nolf Frederick [I]
Norman William H. [D]
Norris John [H]
Norton William [M]
Nutting H. N. G. [I]

O'Brien Frank C. [G]
O'Brien Joseph J. [FS]
O'Conner Edward [F]
O'Connor William [M]
O'Donnell James [F]
O'Donnell John [F]
Ong William [C]
Onslow James [B]
Orr William [I]
Orr John B. [D]
Orr Joseph [G]
Orr William [M]
Orris George [H]
Osborn Isaac S. [I]
Osborne Charles [F]
Ostheimer Nathan [K]
Oswalt Morach [K]
Otterson Robert [F]
Oyster John [I]

Paine John W. [E]
Palmert Valentine [E]
Pare William [H]
Pare Richard V. [G]
Pastorius Hugh [E]
Pastorius Jacob [B]
Pastorius Mike [L]
Patterson James W. [FS]
Patterson Thompson [K]
Patterson William [G]
Patterson William [H]
Patterson William J. [F]
Payne George [E]
Peaden James F. [E]
Pence James [C]
Penney Samuel [Un]
Penney William [Un]
Peters George [H]
Pfleghar August [B]
Phelan William P. [G]
Phillips Lyman S. [I]
Phillips Peter [L]
Phillips William [G]
Pierce Louis C. [G]
Pinks Samuel B. [E]
Pipher Martin [B]
Plumer Cyrus [H]
Plumer Daniel [H]
Plunkett James [L]

Poff Valentine [H]
Pohart Charles [K]
Pohler Joseph [F]
Polin Henry [C]
Pollock Alva [H]
Pollock John C. [E]
Pollock William M. [E]
Pontius George W. [D]
Potter James W. [G]
Potts Stephen C. [M]
Powers William [G]
Prince William [F]
Printzler Oscar J. K. [M]
Pritts James W. [C]
Probasco James [E]
Prophater Mason [A]
Prunkhard Daniel [E]
Puff John [L]
Putney Ezra J. [D]
Pysher Stephen G. [C]

Quinn Peter [Un]

Race Martin [B]
Randolph William [I]
Rankin Andrew [H]
Rankin James [H]
Rankin James L. [E]
Rankin Robert M. [H]
Rano John G. A. [K]
Ransel William [E]
Ray John [A]
Ray William [F]
Ray William E. [A]

Read James F. [FS]
Ready John [I]
Reddick Quincy A. [E]
Redick Alexander [C]
Reece Ephraim [H]
Reed Lawson D. [E]
Reed Samuel [H]
Reed William [D]
Reed John [D]
Reed Smith [G]
Reep Washington [D]
Reese Jenkin [G]
Reesman G. W. [D]
Reesman John [D]
Reinman Stewart [H]
Rexroad Frederick [K]
Reynolds Samuel [I]
Reynolds W. N. [C]
Reynolds John W. [K]
Reynolds Oliver P. [G]
Rhine Joseph [K]
Rhule William G. [M]
Rich Jacob [L]
Richards George W. [I]
Richards Joseph [I]
Richmond David [K]
Ricketts James J. [G]
Riley John [C]
Riley John [F]
Rinn Lewis [A]
River Daniel [E]
Rich George [L]
Robb Jonathan [C]
Robb Algernon [A]
Robb Sidney [A]
Roberts William A. [H]
Robins George E
Robinson R. T. [D]
Robinson James W. [A]
Robinson John B. [L]
Rockafellow George [C]
Rodenbaugh C. [B]
Rodgers Clark [I]
Rodgers Robert M. [G]
Roenigk George [A]
Rogers Patrick [L]
Roll Jacob C. [G]
Rollison Robert [K]
Rosenberger John B. [E]
Rothrock John N. [F]
Rowley William [I]
Ruck Henry [F]
Rumbaugh David [D]
Rumbaugh William [D]
Rumbaugh William [M]
Rush Samuel [M]
Rusk John [E]
Russell Felix [G]
Ruth Samuel [G]
Ruth Thomas [G]
Rutter Thompson M. [D]
Ryan Moses [H]


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