62d Pennsylvania Volunteers

Alphabetical Listing of All Volunteers,
with links to their Companies

62d  Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg

Alphabetical List 

On nine pages are the names of all the volunteers in alphabetically order with links to the company page on which each volunteer will be found. FS indicates the soldier was one of the Field and Staff Officers. The spelling of the names on this list is based on Bates' History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, and may not match the corrected names on the company pages.

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Tafel H. C. [I]
Tafel William C. [L]
Tarr Robert [L]
Tate Henry [C]
Taylor Hiram [H]
Taylor John [L]
Taylor John B. [D]
Teets Hugh [A]
Temple Joseph M. [I]
Temple Samuel W. [I]
Thomas James H. [E]
Thomas Matthew [E]
Thomas Thomas N. [H]
Thomas Benjamin [L]
Thomas Frederick [L]
Thomas John G. [F]
Thomas William [L]
Thomason Thomas [G]
Thompson Clarence R. [I]
Thompson George W. [G]
Thompson Henderson [E]
Thompson Isaac [K]
Thompson Jacob N. [D]
Thompson Thomas T. [G]
Thomson Henry [L]
Thorpe Daniel H. [K]
Thursby John [L]
Thursby Samuel [L]
Timblin William J. [G]
Timmony Edward W. [K]
Timms William [C]
Tipton Samuel B. [M]
Todd William C. [K]
Townsend Robert S. [D]
Towse Daniel [K]
Tracey James [K]
Trimbling James [G]
Trout Jacob H. [I]
Troutman Henry A. [D]
Truby Andrew J. [E]
Truitt Jefferson [D]
Truitt David P. [D]
Truxall Carr [K]
Tucker William [L]
Tucker William [L]
Tudhope James [A]
Turney Simon P. [C]
Turney William [D]
Turney William G. [A]

Unks George [L]
Unks James E. [B]
Upcraft Jesse [K]
Upcraft Samuel [K]
Upperman J. M. [B]

Vancampment G [I]
Vandever William [F]
Vanhorn George [I]
Vanwinkle Edward [H]
Varner Samuel [E]
Vaughn Thomas [B]
Verner William [B]
Viethorn August [F]
Vogan Stephen L. [K]

Wagner John [B]
Wagner John D. [G]
Wagoner Solomon [C]
Walker John A. [D]
Walker William [H]
Walker Robert [F]
Walkinshaw J. D. [A]
Wallace Joseph M. [H]
Wallace William S. [H]
Walsh Edward C. [K]
Ward Arthur [A]
Warner John [I]
Warner Sylvester J. [E]
Warnick John [I]
Warnock George [A]
Wasson William A. [G]
Waters John W. [D]
Watkins Thomas [M]
Watson James H. [E]
Watson John M. [D]
Watson George M. [M]
Watt David J. [I]
Weaver Henry [D]
Weaver John N. [I]
Weaver James E. [F]
Weaver William [K]
Webb Joseph H. [FS]
Weber William E. [L]
Weed Sargent [F]
Wehmer John [L]
Weidner Leonard [B]
Weisenberger G. [L]
Weitman Frederick [K]
Welch Patrick [K]
Weller Joseph A. [G]
Welsh Robert [I]
Wensel Frederick [M]
Wensell James [I]
Wensell Noah [I]
Weosenborn J. R. [F]
West Johnston G. [H]
Whipkey William [E]
Whitaker Robert [K]
White Robert [E]
White Henry K. [F]
White Thomas B. [K]
White William [G]
Wick John C. [G]
Widensall John [M]
Wilby Robert [K]
Wilhelm Henry Z. [C]
Williams Albert G. [FS]
Williams Evan O. [H]
Williams Walter L. [C]
Williams Elias [B]
Williams George [B]
Williams George [G]
Williams John [L]
Williams John E. [B]
Williams Oliver [L]
Williams Samuel [A]
Willison Joseph P. [A]
Wills Hiram H. [G]
Wilson Joseph [C]
Wilson Thomas C. [H]
Wilson Thomas E. [H]
Wilson William [H]
Wilson Frank [K]
Wilson John B. [E]
Wilson John R. [F]
Wilson Joseph [B]
Wilson Joseph [G]
Wilson Joseph F. [FS]
Wilson Matthew C. [M]
Wilson Peter [F]
Wilson Peter [L]
Wilson William [D]
Winket William [C]
Winkle Frederick [B]
Winters John [E]
Winters John [K]
Womer Isaac [H]
Wood James S. [D]
Woods Thomas [A]
Woods John [K]
Woods Thomas R. [A]
Worceberger Isaac [G]
Work Joseph [E]
Work Thomas A. [E]
Workman Cyrus [K]
Workman Lewis [K]
Works George [L]
Worling Joseph [D]

Wright Edward S. [F]
Wright James S. [F]
Wright Joseph [A]
Wright Silas [K]
Wright Thomas [K]
Wrighter William D. [K]
Wrigley John [F]
Wyke William P. [D]
Wylie George [K]
Wyman Decatur [C]
Wyman Samuel [C]
Wyman William B. [C]

Yeardley Henry [H]
Young Adam [L]
Young John [H]
Young John [K]
Young Lewis [K]
Young Samuel A. [H]

Zeely Henry [K]
Zehe John [H]
Zeigler Matthias [B]
Zeigler Philip M. [FS]
Zeitler Christian [G]
Zimmerman Frederick [L]


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