62d Pennsylvania Volunteers

Alphabetical Listing of All Volunteers,
with links to their Companies

62d  Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg

Alphabetical List 

On nine pages are the names of all the volunteers in alphabetically order with links to the company page on which each volunteer will be found. FS indicates the soldier was one of the Field and Staff Officers. The spelling of the names on this list is based on Bates' History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, and may not match the corrected names on the company pages.

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Aaler Martin [D]
Abbott Leroy [C]
Abbott Peter [F]
Ackerman Thomas [B]
Adams Samuel M. [H]
Adams Robert [G]
Addleman Ephraim [E]
Agnew James C. [G]
Aldred Joseph [L]
Alexander Samuel J. [B]
Alexander Thomas Q [F]
Anderson John L. [H]
Anderson Lot M. [E]
Anderson Thomas [I]
Andre Rudolph [G]
Andrews Dennis [I]
Anthony Raynard S. [M]
Anthony Rinard S. [M]
Anthony Harrison [D]
Appel Jacob [M]
Apple Jacob [M]
Apple George L. [F]
Armagost A. W. [I]
Armsburg George [L]
Armstrong C. R. [E]
Armstrong H. C. [K]
Arner Philip [E]
Arthur Moses [K]
Askin Alfred H. [F]

Bach Frederick [G]
Bageley Lysander [L]
Bagley Francis [L]
Bailey Robert [A]
Bailey William [D]
Baker Thomas [E]
Baker John [M]
Baker John B. [K]
Baldersberger M. [B]
Ball Volney [L]
Balzer Charles [L]
Bankerd Adolph [L]
Bannon William [G]
Bargerstock Henry [D]
Barker Benjamin [F]
Barlett Andrew R. [C]
Barlett John [C]
Barnes Joseph [C]
Barnes Samuel H. [G]
Barnhart Alfred B. [D]
Barnhart Gabriel [G]
Barr Thomas [E]
Barr Robert T. [E]
Barrett James J. [D]
Barrett John T. [E]
Bartlebough Joseph [C]
Bates John [A]
Baughman David [M]
Baxter John [E]

Beales John [M]
Beattie John [D]
Beck William C. [D]
Beckler Peter [B]
Beer Henry [E]
Beeson Walter H. [G]
Beher George [B]
Beiter Raphael [F]
Bell John T. [I]
Bell Andrew J. [G]
Bell George [M]
Bell Jacob [D]
Bell James [E]
Bell John Y. C. [G]
Bell Thomas [G]
Beltzhoover Daniel [H]
Belzhoover M. M. [H]
Benedict Willis T. [G]
Benn Samuel [E]
Bennett John W [B]
Berger George E. [FS]
Berger George E. [K]
Berger Reuben [M]
Berklebaugh Jacob [B]
Berry John A. [H]
Berry Wakefield [D]
Bertren Peter [M]
Bicehouse Charles [C]
Biddle Charles [M]
Bignell William [K]
Bingaman Reuben [D]
Bizzard Benjamin [H]

Black Philip [I]
Black Samuel W. [FS]
Black Hill. [L]
Black William G [D]
Blackstone Dill [M]
Blair William J. [M]
Blake George W. [D]
Blake James [K]
Blakeley William [K]
Bleadenheiser Charles [L]
Bleadenheiser Robert [L]
Blum John [L]
Bonshire George [L]
Bonshire Henry [L]
Borrett Daniel [B]
Borrett William [B]
Bortmass John C. [G]
Bouch John [I]
Bougher John A. [F]
Bower Eli C. [H]
Bowie James [K]
Bowler Samuel W. [D]
Bowser Thomas H. [C]
Boyd Levi [E]
Boyd William [E]
Boyd John [K]
Boyd Solomon [G]
Boyd William [A]
Boyd William [L]
Boyer George W. [C]
Boyer James K. P. [A]
Boyles John H. [C]

Bradenbaugh Caspar [D]
Bradley George [L]
Bradley William [F]
Brady Israel O. [I]
Brady Patrick [M]
Brannon Michael [M]
Brannon Patrick [M]
Brannon William [M]
Brindle Emanuel [M]
Brindle Peter [L]
Broadhead Paul [I]
Brown Joshua [H]
Brown David [G]
Brown Edward [F]
Brown Francis [G]
Brown James [A]
Brown James I. [D]
Brown Joseph H. [FS]
Brown Samuel [F]
Brown Samuel E. [G]
Brown Thomas [G]
Brown William [M]
Brubaker Joseph P. [B]
Brubaker Samuel M. [L]
Bruner John F. [G]
Brunker Richard P. [M]
Bryan John [G]
Bryant James [B]
Bryer James [L]
Bryson John [A]

Buchanan George W. [G]
Buchanan William [K]
Buchannan Henry [E]
Buck Charles [L]
Buckley John B. [D]
Budlong Thomas H. [I]
Bulinger James F. [G]
Buney Jacob [F]
Burke James [M]
Burke Matthew [K]
Burkell David [I]
Burkhire William [M]
Burley Joseph L. [I]
Burns Joseph T. [I]
Burns John [F]
Burt Thomas E. [H]
Buzzard Jonathan [E]
Buzzard Thomas [E]
Byers Samuel [D]
Byers Walter P. [M]
Byrnes Henry [F]
Byrnes Thomas [F]


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