62d Pennsylvania Volunteers

Alphabetical Listing of All Volunteers,
with links to their Companies

62d  Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg

On nine pages are the names of all the volunteers in alphabetically order with links to the company page on which each volunteer will be found. FS indicates the soldier was one of the Field and Staff Officers. The spelling of the names on this list is based on Bates' History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, and may not match the corrected names on the company pages.

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Sage Joel [C]
Saggerser William R. [E]
Salade Harvey [C]
Salisbury John H. [B]
Salisbury William J. [B]
Saltgiver George [M]
Sample William J. [C]
Sample David [A]
Sample John [A]
Sample John C. [F]
Sampson Charles [C]
Sanford George [D]
Sankey Francis [B]
Sankey Matthew [B]
Santers John D. [H]
Savage Amos W. [L]
Savage John E. [F]
Scheible Joseph [H]
Schmink Henry [B]
Schotts Noah [I]
Schreckengost J. [D]
Schreckengost J. G. [D]
Schwartz John [L]
Scobie Daniel [F]
Scott Robert [A]
Scott Robert A. [A]
Scott Thomas Orr [K]
Scotts Andrew J. [M]
Seager Charles [FS]
Seibert Charles [G]
Seibert Nicholas [G]
Seip Lewis G. [D]
Seitz George [F]
Seitz John A. M. [B]
Seitz William R. [F]
Sellers George [M]
Serena Philip [K]
Serena William [K]
Seybert Samuel W. [M]
Seymour Garrett [F]
Shade Henry [M]
Shade William [M]
Shaffer John M. [E]
Shaffer Robert W. [I]
Shaffer Samuel [I]
Shaffer John [F]
Shaffer John [M]
Shaffer William H [F]
Shaffner Amos M. [I]
Shakley William [G]
Shannon Irwin M'. [C]
Shannon John [I]
Shannon Philip [C]
Sharp Evelyn D. [E]
Sharp Hanford R. [E]
Sharrer Daniel [M]
Shearer Henry [I]
Shearer David [D]
Shearing Charles [L]
Shehan John [K]
Sheilds Thomas [L]
Shenkel Jacob [L]
Sherlein John G [F]
Sherman Joseph [F]
Sherran Joseph [F]

Shick Joseph [C]
Shields James C. [I]
Shinafelt Simon J. [I]
Shirk Daniel [E]
Shirk John M. [E]
Shorgert Peter [G]
Shuck Joseph [L]
Shuey Henry C. [I]
Shuman John [B]
Shyrock John O. [E]
Sias Alfred J. [G]
Sias George W. [G]
Sibert B. B. [D]
Sickman R. C. [H]
Siddons Samuel [F]
Silvis Levi Jackson [D]
Simmers Joseph Ritner [A]
Simpkins Richard [K]
Simpson George A. [K]
Simpson James [D]
Sinclair William K. [A]
Sinnott Matthew [F]
Siveeney Peter [F]
Slacker John [H]
Slagle Henry [I]
Sloan John N. [H]
Sloan John S. [E]
Sloan Lycurgus [H]
Sloan Samuel E. [H]
Slocum Henry [L]
Slocum William [L]

Small William [F]
Smath John [M]
Smathers Jacob [E]
Smeltzer Abraham [D]
Smith Adam [I]
Smith Adam E. [G]
Smith Albert [B]
Smith Daniel D. [C]
Smith Emanuel E. [I]
Smith Frederick [H]
Smith George [L]
Smith George L. [I]
Smith Isaac [M]
Smith Jeremiah [L]
Smith Jesse G. [D]
Smith John D. [A]
Smith John M. O. [K]
Smith Matthew A. [D]
Smith Richard [K]
Smith Samuel W. [D]
Smith Sebastian [F]
Smith William [I]
Smith William B. [F]
Smith William C. [F]
Smith William H. [D]
Smouse Adam [I]
Smyers Benjamin [I]
Smyers Daniel [D]
Smyers John W. [D]
Smyers William [D]

Snyder John M. [H]
Snyder Samuel [C]
Snyder Charles [A]
Snyder George [B]
Snyder Harrison A. [M]
Snyder Jacob [B]
Snyder John [B]
Soxman Henry R. [D]
Spalman John V. [F]
Speelman William [F]
Spellman John [B]
Spence Samuel R. [A]
Spencer James [I]
Spenier Alexander [G]
Sprague Edwin [A]
Springer George W. [C]
Springer Thomas J. [E]
Stark John M. [H]
Starr Robert [K]
Steck George P. [A]
Steck John M. [I]
Steel Thomas W. [H]
Steel M. M. [D]
Steele James B. [M]
Steen Robert E [B]
Steinbrecht Jacob [L]
Stemler Peter [L]
Stephenson C. [L]
Sterritt Joseph [I]
Steval Joseph [K]
Stevens Oliver P. [G]
Steward James F. [E]
Steward David C. [L]

Stewart Allen [A]
Stewart George A. [G]
Stewart Henry [C]
Stewart John [G]
Stewart Martin S. [G]
Stewart Robert [F]
Stewart Robert A. [E]
Stewart W. M. [I]
Stickaun William [B]
Stiffey George W. [D]
Stimple Henry [K]
Stineman Matthew C. [M]
Stockdill Peter A. [D]
Stoner Absalom [I]
Stoops William H. [K]
Story William [E]
Stotta Frederick [M]
Stoughton Elisha [M]
Stover John [C]
Stover Thomas [C]
Stroud Albanus L. [A]
Stroup Anthony [G]
Stuchell Christopher [D]
Sullivan Charles [G]
Sutton Nelson [G]
Sutton Robert [D]
Swan Robert [A]
Swan Christian [F]
Sweet Franklin [E]
Sweikert Henry [L]
Sweirs Joseph C. [M]
Sweitzer Jacob Bowman [FS]
Swigart Daniel [D]


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