62d Pennsylvania Volunteers

Alphabetical Listing of All Volunteers,
with links to their Companies

62d  Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg

Alphabetical List 

On nine pages are the names of all the volunteers in alphabetically order with links to the company page on which each volunteer will be found. FS indicates the soldier was one of the Field and Staff Officers. The spelling of the names on this list is based on Bates' History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, and may not match the corrected names on the company pages.

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Cain James [A]
Cain Joseph [A]
Cain Joseph B. [A]
Cain William W. [A]
Caldwell Fleming [I]
Caldwell James [I]
Caldwell James A. [C]
Caldwell John [G]
Callen Simon [C]
Callen Josiah J. [D]
Camp John [G]
Campbell Charles M. [G]
Campbell Edward [A]
Campbell George S. [FS]
Campbell James [A]
Campbell James D. [B]
Campbell James E. [G]
Campbell John [M]
Campbell John [G]
Campbell Joseph A. [G]
Campbell L. [M]
Campbell Robert F. [G]
Campbell William G. [D]
Canfield Thomas [K]
Carlin William D. [A]
Carnahan Samuel K. [A]
Carson George O. [E]
Carson James [C]
Carson Samuel [E]
Carson Samuel [C]
Caruthers George C. [A]
Casey Harrison [A]
Cassedy Arthur C. [D]
Cassiday Michael [M]
Caughey Andrew D. [G]
Cavinor Edwin B. [I]
Cavinor James C. [I]

Chafee Reuben [L]
Chambers Archibald [A]
Chambers Daniel [H]
Chapman John B. [G]
Chapman William [G]
Chapman William [K]
Charlton William A. [A]
Christy George [I]
Christy Andrew P. [G]
Christy Oliver M. [G]
Christy Williamson [G]
Chromer Christian [C]
Clark William M. [E]
Clark James W. [F]
Clark John [M]
Clark Samuel [G]
Clark Samuel H. [F]
Clark Samuel H. [F]
Clawson William [A]
Clemens Sanford [A]
Clemenston W. M. [H]
Clifford William [L]
Clowes Henry R. [G]
Clugh Thomas [C]

Coates Palmer [F]
Cocher Jacob [G]
Cochran Charles [H]
Cochran Augustus [F]
Cochran George [F]
Cochran Henry [F]
Cole Joseph [L]
Coleman George W. [C]
Coleman Henry [C]
Coleman Clark [D]
Coll Bernard [F]
Collins John [I]
Comelie Thomas [M]
Comerford Frank [G]
Comp John [B]
Conchiever Joseph [K]
Conden Thomas [M]
Confer Isaac [K]
Connell Thomas [I]
Connelly Thomas [M]
Conner John [B]
Conner Samuel [H]
Conner William H. [H]
Connor Stephen [G]
Conoway John [I]

Conrad James M. [C]
Conrad William H. [C]
Conway James O. [I]
Cook Francis M. [E]
Cook Samuel [K]
Cooke Montgomery [K]
Coonce Harvey L. [K]
Coonce Henry [K]
Cooper John H. [E]
Cooper Richard [F]
Corsin Jeremiah [L]
Corson George [G]
Corton James [K]
Couch James T. [H]
Couch Joseph [H]
Coulclough William [L]
Coulter Alexander [H]
Coulter James M. [K]
Coursin George [C]
Coursin Lewis [C]
Covill Harrison [I]
Cowan John [E]
Cowan NobleC. [H]
Cowen Abashe [L]
Cox Edward [H]
Cox Levi A. [M]
Coxen William [H]

Cracraft Joseph J. [A]
Craft Jonathan [D]
Craig Alexander [C]
Craig Francis Marion [A]
Craig James H. [C]
Craig William [C]
Crall Elijah [K]
Crawford George [K]
Crawford Henry [D]
Crawford Samuel N. [D]
Cribbs John L. [E]
Crick Wilson [E]
Crider William [A]
Crissman Samuel [I]
Crocker Samuel [G]
Croco Henry [H]
Cross Samuel [G]
Crowling John R. [A]
Crozier Richard J. [M]
Culberson William [E]
Cunningham J. E. [FS]
Cunningham Moses [E]
Cunningham William [I]
Curle James [E]
Curran James [M]
Curry Jacob P. [E]


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