62d Pennsylvania Volunteers

Alphabetical Listing of All Volunteers,
with links to their Companies

62d  Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg

Alphabetical List 

On nine pages are the names of all the volunteers in alphabetically order with links to the company page on which each volunteer will be found. FS indicates the soldier was one of the Field and Staff Officers. The spelling of the names on this list is based on Bates' History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, and may not match the corrected names on the company pages.

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Mack Jacob [L]
Maclay William P. [C]
Madison Hugh [F]
Magarary William [A]
Magee James [K]
Maginnis John [I]
Mahey Henry W. [E]
Maissaick Leonard [A]
Maitland Jeremiah [C]
Malone Christian [M]
Maloy James [K]
Maloy Thomas [M]
Mangel John [K]
Mangold George [L]
Mankidick William [B]
Manley George B. [C]
Maratta James A. [A]
Mark Michael [M]
Marsh Theodore [G]
Martin Charles W. [F]
Martin Edward M. [F]
Martin Jacob [K]
Martin James R. [A]
Martin Robert N. [M]
Martin Wallace D. [FS]
Masterson John [F]
Mathers John [L]
Matzel August [L]
McAllister Patrick [F]
McBride Samuel [C]
McCabe Alexander [F]
McCabe Edward [M]
McCain Theodore [K]
McCain William [D]
McCall James [M]
McCall Samuel [G]
McCandless David [M]
McCandless James W. [G]
McCanna Martin [D]
McCannaha Jackson [C]
McCarter William [A]
McCartney Jacob [C]
McCaskey Thomas [K]
McCauley Thomas [E]
McChessney Robert [K]
McClean Prussia K. [A]
McClease William [H]
McClure M. H. W. [H]
McClure Barnet W. [A]
McClure M. W. [D]
McCollough John C. [K]
McCombs David W. [G]
McCool Thomas [E]
McCormick James H. [H]
McCormick James [E]
McCormick James [B]
McCormick William [K]
McCoy George [E]
McCoy James [E]
McCoy Thomas [E]
McCoy William H. [E]
McCoy Francis [M]
McCoy James [F]
McCoy William [G]
McCracken Charles H. [I]
McCrea John [D]
McCullough John [B]
McCully Wilson [H]
McCully Thomas [B]
McCurdy Alexander [G]
McCurry Henry B [B]
McCurry John T. [B]
McDavid James [F]
McDavid William [F]
McDevitt George [F] McDonald Alexander W [K]
McDonald Alfred [A]
McDowell Scott C. [G]
McElroy Joseph [E]
McElroy Thomas [K]
McEwen Thomas [C]
McFadden Robert P. [E]
McFarland John [F]
McFarland John S. [L]
McFarlane Samuel S. [H]
McFerren Patrick [F]
McGarvey Hugh [C]
McGeary William S. [A]
McGinley Anthony [D]
McGovern John E. [G]
McGregor Daniel [E]
McGrew James A. [K]
McGrogen James [H]
McHendry John P. [A]
McIlvain Andrew [G]
McIntire Thomas [K]
McIntire William [M]
McIntosh George [L]
McKay Neal [I]
McKee David [I]
McKee James L. [I]
McKee John A. [E]
McKee John M. E. [E]
McKee Samuel A. [B]
McKee Daniel [K]
McKee John H. [F]
McKee William E [B]
McKillip Charles P. [G]
McKindley George W. [K]
McKinley George [M]
McKinley George W. [I]
McKinley James [E]
McKinley Andrew J. [A] McKinney Samuel [M]
McKisson John D. [E]
McLaughlin M. H. [B]
McLean E. Patterson [A]
McLean Jefferson [K]
McLean Thomas D [B]
McLeary James [E]
McMahon Clinton [F]
McMasters Jacob [G]
McMasters John C. [D]
McMillen Shrader [C]
McMillen Thomas [C]
McMillen James [K]
McNabb Samuel [D]
M'Cool John [M]
McPherson Jackson [E]
McQuade Alex [B]
McSparren William G. [D]
McSparrin James [I]
McTigue Stephen [C]
McVaugh Andrew [K]
McWhinney T. J. [A]
Meanor James C. [C]
Means Robert R. [I]
Mecoy Joseph [G]
Meeker William [I]
Menken George [A]
Mercer William [H]
Merritts Thomas [H]
Messimer Amos S. [G]
Metzell August [L]
Meurer Christian J. [G]
Miersch Curthus H.[A]
Milby Adam G. [A]
Milby Robert [K]
Miller Abraham [K]
Miller Edward E [B]
Miller George [E]
Miller George F. [G]
Miller George [D]
Miller Henry [L]
Miller John [E]
Miller Philip D. [A]
Miller Robert [A]
Millinger Jeremiah A. [D]
Milliron Abraham [I]
Milliron Daniel [K]
M'Ilwain William [M]
Minck Joseph [G]
Minehart Frederick [K]
Mitchell Daniel [E]
Mock Abraham [C]
Mock George [I]
Moffatt Alexander [A]
Moffit Adam [G]
Mohney Alexander [E]
Mohney Gibson [E]
Mohney Isaac [E]
Moleter Christian [B]
Monigan Dennis [E]
Monks Thomas B. [C]
Montgomery W. B. [E]
Montgomery John [B]
Mooder Peter [L]
Moonan Patrick [F]
Moore Jacob K. [C]
Moore Samuel H. [C]
Moore James [A]
Moore James [F]
Moore William A. [K]
Moorhead Joseph [I]
Morgan Benjamin [L]
Morgan John [D]
Morgan Joseph J. [F]
Morgan Rush [L]
Morgan Thomas D. [F]
Morgan William F. [B]
Moritz Leonard [B]
Morley George [L]
Morley Robert [L]
Morris Patrick [M]
Morrison Andrew [K]
Morrison Samuel W. [K]
Morrow Wilson [M]
Mortimer David [E]
Mortimer David B. [E]
Mortimer Samuel L. [E]
Morton James T. [F]
Mossburg Thomas D. [E]
Mouck Josiah P. [K]
Muffty John [M]
Muhnkarn John [C]
Murphy Darby [F]
Murphy Jeremiah [L]
Murphy Michael [K]
Murphy Richard [K]
Murr Isadore [G]
Murray John H. [M]
Murray Martin J. [M]
Murtland Robert C. []
Musser Adam W. [I]
Myers Ephraim [I]
Myers John E. [FS]
Myers Samuel [C]
Myers William H. [C]
Myers August [K]
Myers Jacob [G]
Myers Robert C. [F]
Myers William C. [A]
Myrtle Samuel M. [D]


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